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Interior Marketing and Staging

Staging is a cost-effective marketing tool that connects a buyer to a home emotionally so that you can sell your home for the most money in the least amount of time.  At Ziba, we focus on 4 keys that help you accomplish getting the most $ for your home:  grab the buyer's attention from the go, flow management as people walk through your home, define functionality in all spaces, and create the dream!

The first time buyers see your house will most likely be in pictures, and the pictures will be what brings them to see your home. Many stagers decorate decently but do not consider how the staging will look in pictures.  We focus on creating a space that utilizes our designs to create multiple cover-worthy pictures. 

As buyers walk through your home, it is important that the layout is directing them in a manner that feels easy and comfortable.  Open houses can get busy.  We create a space that can handle multiple people walking through without feeling crowded.  When crowded, buyers want to leave and they remember the feeling of being crowded.  We make sure this doesn't happen at your home. 

Most buyers have a hard time imagining how they would use a space, particularly if it is empty or undefined.  When a space is left undefined, they leave wondering if they really need that space or if it’s just a waste of space.

We define all spaces and make sure buyers know why and how they would use a space so they do not leave questioning any aspect of your home.

Any stager can make a space look nice.  We focus on making your home the space that they just saw on tv and wished they owned.  We use modern decor that is in touch with today’s trends, high quality furniture that is not run of the mill staging furniture, and luxurious finishing touches that really connect the buyer to the house emotionally from a design perspective.  Our goal is to have every buyer walk out of your ouse saying wow and dream about living in your house when they are falling asleep. 

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