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Home Staging And Interior Design

The first time buyers see your house will most likely be in pictures, and the pictures will be what brings them to see your home. Many stagers decorate decently but do not consider how the staging will look in pictures. We focus on creating a space that utilizes our designs to create multiple cover-worthy pictures.

About Ziba Interior

Ziba Interiors is a high-end real estate staging company that started in the bay area. We are distinguished by our modern and brand new furniture, superior interior design skills, and ability to bring out the best in each house.


Our team takes care of every detail in your home to make it appealing, welcoming and impressionable. We offer partial and full staging and have competitive prices and packages. With us, your home will sell swiftly and handsomely.

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Our Services

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Interior Marketing and Staging

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Our Portfolio

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Our Testimonials

I couldn't ask for more from Ziba for staging a property for sale! Hosein is responsive, provided an quick estimate and acted quickly, staged the home perfectly the way the seller intended and we received great feedback from open house guests. Will definitely call Hosein again for my future listings.

Hosein, thank you and your crew very much for a wonderful experience! Hope we will work together again soon.

Vivien L.

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